Little Things

These are small, personal moments and places that bring positivity to peoples lives. Little things that can hopefully give an insight into the ways we engage with the world, despite challenges we might face.

Some of these stories will be written by me based on conversations, and others by various contributors (some of whome have little to no writing experience). So be nice! Writing about yourself is scary!

If you have a little moment you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it. Get in touch!

My Little Lottie

My tiny half-plot allotment is the best £17.50 I spend each year, even though it’s no more than 8 by 11 meters. On a warm spring or summer morning there’s simply no nicer place to be.


By 5:00am I am out of the door, greeted by the approaching dawn. The sky is shifting from black to a brighter grey. If you don’t stop for a moment and take notice, the world seems silent and still. But I have learned to look and listen. Birds are talking, trees are creaking, clouds are starting to take shape as the darkness gives way.

Several men at a Taiwanese night market playing Tetris on large computers.

The Night Market

“Everyone loves a night market,” Pamela tells me. “There are many of them all across Taipei, and in different cities throughout Taiwan. They usually open at around 6pm and can get really, really busy. Regular streets and roads are suddenly occupied by hundreds of shops, usually tiny stalls with just a couple of people at work. Sometimes, it’ll just be the shop owner, taking money, chatting to the customers, and cooking the food – all at the same time! It can get very hectic.”