Sport, Violence, and Judo: Taimazova vs Arai

I thought Judo was an elegant sport, all technique and finesse. A defensive martial art, about using an opponent’s momentum against them. I’m sure, in a broader sense, this is true. But in Chizuru Arai’s hands, Judo is a violent and dangerous weapon.

Politics and Controversy at the 2020 Olympics

I’m writing this in 2021, as C.Y. Chuang is two sets deep into a game of table-tennis against Omar Assar. The tiniest of balls ricochets back and forth at ridiculous speeds, changing direction with the flick of a wrist. Both men are locked into the game, focussed, intense, and, frankly, wet. It must be theContinue reading “Politics and Controversy at the 2020 Olympics”